Experience Workshop

Learn how top brands utilise search to help visitors explore their catalogue in new, exciting and entertaining ways

Search is now a conversation that has shifted focus from finding into discovering through contextual triggers such as:

  • Search-as-you-type suggestions
  • Tags
  • Trends
  • Discovery walls
  • Personalised recommendations

As experts in Search and Discovery, we live and breathe search, and our goal is to ensure consumers enjoy an irresistible and engaging digital experience.

About this workshop

Search has got to be fast and relevant, but more importantly, it creates joyful and trustworthy interactions and connections between your customers and your catalogue.
Understanding search

Understanding search

Learn how to review your current design and detect any gaps to create a performance report. What are the problems the customers are finding?

User mapping

User mapping

Analyse the customer journey to stablish a solid basis for the new designs, based on the brand values and design principles.

Designing search experiences

Designing search experiences

Start building a new design that guarantees customers a helpful an engaging experience.

First mockups

First mockups

Develope rough mockups to test the new designs fulfill all the expectations.

Designing a Search Experience that understands the connections between people and data may be the biggest and most unexpected breakthrough for your brand. In this workshop, you’ll get insightful tips and learn how to make search the most irresistible asset of your online shop.

What are you going to learn?

  • Search performance: Clicks, exits, findability, and sales.
  • Behavioural UX analysis: Queries per session, refinements, duration, user type (new vs returning), devices and search happiness.
  • Query reports: Query clusters, No Results, trends.
  • Clicks and sales performance.
  • Text, voice and image search.
  • Personalisation in search.
  • Conversational search and chatbots.
Search Experience Design; Mobile First or Mobile Only?
  • The search box: Size and location.
  • Discovery walls: Search trends, most searched for products, user search history, contextual queries.
  • Search-as-you-type: Search suggestions, SKUs, promoted links.
  • Expressive design: Box expansion, suggestions, etc.
  • Type of results: Product, content, stores, FAQs, etc.
  • Results layout: Single vs multiple listings, dynamic layouts based on query type.
  • Personalisation.
  • Data transparency and privacy.
  • Facets: single or multiple selection.
  • Product information: Hover, attributes, etc.
  • Expressive Design Merchandising: Promoted links, banners.
No Results Queries
  • Partial results.
  • SKU search and out of stock references.
  • Non catalogue search.
  • Stores, returns, etc.

The Coaches

  • Borja Santaolalla


    Borja heads up Love Dispatching, looking after our customers as well as looking for new ones.

    Expert in customer insights, site search, ecommerce, triathlete and proud donostiarra.

  • Lara Menéndez


    Data Product Manager at Empathy.co UIs & Components.

    Gijonesa born and raised, Lara is a Data Scientist who acquired her experience abroad as part of the Inditex group.

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