Empathy was founded in 2012 **o help brands provide irresistible search, pairing software with interfaces to combine function and beauty in one.

Empathy remains free from the investors trap while maintaining a 30% year-on-year growth and a cashflow positive balance since its inception. This means Empathy’s team can focus solely on Product with 0% resource allocation to sales and 100% to Product.

Top companies like Carrefour (EU), Kroger (US), Inditex (Worldwide) and Vodafone (EU) trust Empathy to revolutionise Information Retrieval from mere results to meaningful relations. Liberating search from data by giving design and aesthetics the role they deserve, transforming interactions into an art-form that people want to be a part of.

Empathy tools have the power to shape users, enabling imagination-driven strategies from where irresistible experiences are sourced. Transforming the traditional notions of search into digital spaces that consumers love.