Terms Success Reports

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update June 12, 2019

About this report

This report calculates the “success” of each search term for the selected date range. It retrieves the following metrics: number of queries, number of clicks (on first page and next pages), clicks on success, sponsored counts, evolution vs previous period, add to carts and wishlist.

When the parameter terms is specified, all the queries that contain the given keyword are shown in the response.

Business Value

What insights can be obtained with this report?

  • Understand the performance of your top search terms and all search terms containing one specific: when each term starts being popular? Which is the evolution of its performance and popularity?
  • Understand the trend of your no results and take action on them: Is there any search term worth to be added to my catalog? What are users looking for and not finding out?

No results visualisation