Tagging API

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update May 21, 2019

What is about?

Empathy Tagging API’s purpose is the collection of the whole set of interactions with Empathy features. This data is the base of Empathy’s contextual and analytics services.

In short, tagging instrumentation is the tracking of user’s interactions with search engine or with product category pages:

Instrumentation step by step

  • Step 1: Get instance ID

    Each Empathy project has INSTANCE_ID assigned. This ID will be required in any of the tagging instrumentation methods available and will be provided by your Account Manager. It also can be provided by Empathy Support Team.

  • Step 2: Choose a tagging instrumentation method

    Empathy enables the following methods to integrate tagging service:

    • Empathy REST API: this method allows event tracking through performing GET requests to the endpoints enabled for each of the events described above.
    • Empathy JavaScript Tagging Library: this method allows event tracking through function calls to the functions defined for each of the events described above.
    • Tag Manager Tagging Instrumentation: Empathy has been integrated with the most well known tag managers. If Empathy is not integrated with your tag manager, a transversal solution is proposed.
  • Step 3: Tagging initialisation code

    Once understood the scope of the project (search, browse or both), tagging instrumentation process can be initialised. Below, the code to each method.


    GET https://api.empathybroker.com/tagging/v1/track/{instance_ID}/{event_endpoint}

    No init needed.

    Query parameters Specified in each event documentation

    Response 200 OK if successful

  • Step 4: Tagging documentation

    Here the links to the doc.