MICES brings together participants from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common interest in eCommerce search.

The event kicks off with scheduled talks in the morning to stimulate and facilitate the self-organising discussions which take place in the afternoon.

Topics will include:

  • Managing eCommerce search: finding the right process and organisation for it, and how does it change over time?
  • How can we measure and improve search quality for eCommerce?
  • What are the best search relevance models for eCommerce search?
  • Personalised eCommerce search
  • Choosing the right search technology and search management tools
  • From keyword search to virtual shopping assistants: designing the eCommerce search user experience
  • Exploring artificial intelligence, visual and voice search for eCommerce
  • How to deal with poor data quality in eCommerce search

Speakers include industry leaders and experts on eCommerce search from a variety of leading organization such as Zalando, Media Markt Saturn, Otto and our very own Founder, Angel Maldonado.

Search succeeds not only because of its capacity to function but also because of its capacity to make us feel. When thinking about Search we need to recognise that the body of Search (the Interface) has the power to turn sophisticated technology into failure and simple technology into success.

In this talk and through the following three questions, we will discuss what makes a good search (in-feeling), what type of feelings can Search evoke and finally close with a theory of Morphological Search (one that is capable of adapting its presentation or body).

  • What makes a good search?
  • Can Search evoke emotions?
  • Can Search become expressive?

The talk will resource to real samples as well as research concepts and interaction experiments from Empathy.co Labs.

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