Search and Discovery visualisations on any platform.

Insight provides unique access to data, producing insights that generate actionable ideas and understand user behaviour to improve, enhance and personalise the shopping experience.

  • Insipiring data visualizations

    Inspiring data visualisations

    Search and browse data is an incredibly valuable asset and one often overlooked and under-exploited by online retailers.

    Insight helps eCommerce stores to harness their search and navigation data by using sophisticated intelligence and analysis to produce inspiring data visualisations. These not only present data analysts with a visual big picture but also stimulate creativity and ideas, allowing them to analyse and capitalize on their data assets.

  • More imaginative decisions

    Through imaginative representations of customer behaviour, online retailers can make more creative decisions, anticipate patterns and detect opportunities. And what’s more, as all the visualisations and learnings are actionable through Empathy's Play, ideas on how to improve search and browse can come into effect from within visualisations.

    More informed decisions
  • Clear and Playable Reports

    Clear and playable reports

    Insight provides automated and tailored reports on an unlimited amount of data that are clear, succinct, customer centric and playable. Providing a space to cocreate, and using our search and navigation expertise to produce unique insights that optimize and improve search while also boosting sales.

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