Build your own Search & Discovery experience

Orchestrate Relevancy and Perception

Play with Search and adapt it to your own business needs and intentions.

Build attractive experiences by reducing the distance between your catalog and users expectations.

Orchestrate how people relate to search features by handling search features presentation visually.


  • Equalize


    Products displayed after all searches will be resorted according to weights criteria established on settings.

  • Product boost and bury

    Product boost and bury

    This tool allows the merchandiser to boost or bury (to the top/last positions) products for specific queries for each banner or device.

  • Attribute ranking

    Attribute ranking

    This tool allows the merchandiser to boost or bury (to the top/last positions) specific attributes values in the catalog.

  • Synonymize


    The merchandiser can create a relationship within different search terms in a way that when customers look for a specific query, they’ll get results for multiple queries.

  • Redirection


    When customers search for a particular query they get redirected to a different page related to this query.

  • Blacklist


    This tool allows the merchandiser to avoid specific suggestions’ terms. Represents a good way to avoid frustration in products that have no stock or unexpected results.

  • Promotion


    This tool allows the merchandiser reflecting promotions in the results page through two different features: Promotion banners and Promoted results.