The Future of eCommerce

The Future of eCommerce

An international study of current consumer attitudes and aspirations

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About this resource

When online shopping first took off in the 2000s there was much skepticism and concern but it’s become a well-established part of the shopping world, and largely embraced as a positive change.

We commissioned this study to explore the expectations and behaviours of modern shoppers. The research assesses what they value in an online shopping experience, what will drive them away and what will drive them to buy.

The future of online retail is clearly bright. We hope this report offers some insight and light on how retailers can fulfil their potential in this evermore digital world.

Our Future of eCommerce survey provides insights that will help you:

  • Identify and gage consumer attitudes towards online shopping.
  • Understand in greater depth their activities, attitudes, likes and dislikes.
  • Thrive in the next wave of eCommerce by creating more unique and memorable online experiences.