Redefine your search experience with a plug-and-play frontend

An easy-to-use, customizable search interface that removes all the underlying complexity, guiding and inspiring users while creating irresistible search and discovery experiences.

This award-winning technology, built on years of expertise, sits on top of any search platform isolating the search logic from the experience to add features and search journey enhancements on both mobile and desktop devices.

Interface is designed to change the way people search, creating more personal and engaging interactions, generating joy and emotion while delivering real business results.

BCS Search Solution 2018


  • Context-aware Layouts

    Context-aware Layouts

    Adaptable to display personalized layouts and components for each individual user based on the nature of the query, the search intention, the screen size or the session history.

  • Autocomplete and Suggestions

    Autocomplete & Suggestions

    Helps shoppers find what they’re looking for through autocomplete and type-ahead functionality, suggesting terms, products, related tags and next queries based on global trends, the current query, the user context and the search history. Products are displayed as soon as the user starts typing and results are dynamically updated as they type more or provide additional detail.

  • Advanced Filtering

    Advanced Filtering

    A wide range of sorting and search filtering options such as price sliders, size selectors, visual colour pickers or ratings. It also offers multi-selection, hierarchical filters and avoids No Results scenarios.

  • Customizable Components

    Customizable Components

    The layered model adapts easily to any brand or industry vertical and offers a wide catalogue of out-of-the-box components with the flexibility to be able to tweak configurations or even custom code for very specific requirements.

  • Responsive and Adaptable

    Responsive & Adaptive

    Offers distinct and unique search journeys for different devices. This is not just about UI responsiveness, but about building whole new experiences using different sets of components.

  • No Results Mitigation

    No Results Mitigation

    Guards against boring and costly blank pages with automatic fallback mechanisms, including a clever filter management logic, to always offer relevant results.

Create more seamless, intuitive and expressive search experiences on any engine, any device in any language to build stronger, more joyful connections between your users and your brand.

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