Insight Squad

At Empathy our obsession with search goes beyond the technology we build. For us, the search experience is about creating emotion and joy, as such we’re constantly looking at how to make search more irresistible, whether that be through the design, the technology or the analysis.

This is where data and insights take a key role. Understanding and learning from user behaviour and experiences not only generates ideas but produces more informed and strategic business decisions.

Learn how your search is performing, your customers are behaving and how to fully leverage and capitalize on your data assets to enrich user interactions and create happy customers.

About this Squad

Partnering with Empathy’s Insight Squad accelerates the on-boarding of Data Visualisations to your Products. We’ll partner to explore core metrics and KPIs, at search and product performance, No Results pages, findability, global comparisons and seasonality.

What are you going to achieve?

Introduction to Search Experience Insights
  • Role and significance of metrics.
  • Visualisations, Reporting and Insights in Search, Browse and Discovery.
Data for Dreammakers
  • Search KPI’s.
  • Tracking events.
  • Trends, relationships and algorithms for KPI’s.
Metrics and Reporting
  • Metrics and dimensions.
  • Data processing and architecture techniques.
  • Reports.
Visualisations for Storytellers
  • Key factors and questions before designing a search visualisation.
  • Actionability.
  • The technology behind the scenes.

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