Front Squad

Productising an advanced search interface is a fundamental part of building an engaging Information Access experience.

About this Squad

Partner and apply award-winning Interface technologies, components and principles to any Information Access platform, transforming the way customers relate to your brand.

What are you going to achieve?

The principles, concepts and thought processes behind creating an advanced search interface and its implementation.

Co-create with speed and agility.

Scale your front Product capacity with an innovating Front Engineering Culture.

Concepts and principles
  • Instant Search
  1. Instant vs Delimited Search
  2. KPIs
  3. Performance considerations
  • Empathize
  • No Results situations and fallback mechanisms
  • Adapting to the query intention
  • Privacy and transparency
Technical considerations
  • Keeping the search state
  • Tracking A2C in product page
  • Handling large collections of items
  1. Performance
  2. Virtual DOM
  • Tips
  • Polyfills and browser support
  • Mobile first development
  • From Overlay to Interface
  • Product overview
  • Product breakdown
  • Architecture overview
  • Quarks
  1. Components
  2. Component model
  3. The three layers of customization
  4. Fully customizing a component
  5. Device service
  • Gluon
  1. The core logic
  2. Platform agnosticism

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