Architecture Squad

Partner and put focus, energy and resources into designing outstanding search and discovery architectures.

Building a search platform is a Herculean task and it comes with a lot of hidden challenges: from data curation and metadata enrichment to ranking optimisations and merchandising rules.

Learn the concepts and the key aspects of designing, implementing and operating a search engine from industry experts with more than eight years of experience in the field.

About this Squad

If building the search engine alone wasn’t enough of a challenge, what about its maintenance and upgrades? What about adding new features and scaling it when needed.

Understanding the power of your users’ data when building a search architecture is key to improving your search engine and maximising user’s interactions and queries. A good search engine depends on good data optimization, reliable index architecture and tailored approaches, manual or automated, for each different search scenario.

In this Squad will help you to master how to build a consistent and scalable search architecture, how to deal with ranking problems and the approaches and tricks to ensure your data is found efficiently and effectively.

What are you going to achieve?

  • Common pain points
  • Search components
  • Reference architecture
Index architectures and tradeoffs
  • Streaming index architecture
  • Batch oriented index architecture
Massaging the data
  • How to properly shard your data
  • Different entities and how to process them
  • Document modeling tricks
  • Content enrichment: embedding additional data
Querying your indexes
  • Different query strategies
  • Query pipeline: ranking tips and tricks
  • Query pipeline: fallback strategies
  • Using crowdsourced data to improve your ranking
  • Using your users’ search patterns to create new search experiences: autosuggest, next queries, top clicked.
Merchandising rules
  • Ranking rules
  • Navigation rules

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