About Us

Empathy was founded in 2012 to help brands connect with their consumers through all forms of Information Access, pairing back-end and front-end ready-made components to combine function and beauty in one.

Liberating applications from data and giving aesthetics the role they deserve in digital, transforming digital interactions into an art-form designed to elicit positive emotional responses (joy, aniticipation and trust) together with the necessary functioning.


We’re different, no really, we are

Empathy is unique in that we’re made up of almost all technology people and that’s because our focus is on building great technology and the best products rather than constructing large sales teams.

Empathy remains free from investors while achieving +100% year-on-year growth and a cashflow positive balance since its inception. This means Empathy’s team can focus solely on creating absolutly irresistible Products that become the gravitational force of its success, growth and demand.


Technology plus emotions

Our belief has always been that becoming irresistible to consumers accross all possible experiences (Search, Navigation, PDPs, PLPs, My Account, etc) is a twofold challenge that involves technnology and experiences in one. And, only by creating a solution that combines both these aspects we really create extraordinary digital value.

At Empathy, see Information Access not just as an Information System, but also as being about communication and human interaction.

Search Solution

End-to-end Brand to Consumer

Empathy is also the only provider to offer an end-to-end Digital Empathy Platform that can enhance or replace existing Search & Navigation components, offering the best multi-cloud and on-prem SaaS search and discovery technology, creating insightful and actionable data analytics, and providing a custom service of ready-made components and micro-services.

Best Team

The best team

What’s more, as an independent company we have the freedom to create and deliver more innovative, exciting and creative solutions. And, that also attracts some of the brightest and most skilled minds to our team.

People who love the opportunity to not only drive the company forward but to reach millions of users with their ideas and innovations, all based on our core principles of Digital Empathy, joy, anticipation and trust.

Industry leading

Small and Large Customers

Through Motive self-service solution or through the Digital Empathy Platform, successful small and large brands and retailers in the world from fascinating brands like Lovelybikes, SohoHouse or Tablassurf to some of the largest and most successful commerce stores in the world and top companies like Carrefour (EU), Kroger (US), Inditex (Worldwide) and Vodafone (EU) trust Empathy to revolutionise the way they relate to their consumers.